Sustainable Development or Liberty? Part 1

Sustainable Development


Rising prices. High electric bills. Water shortages. Gas shortages. These are problems the United States faced in the past. Imagine the government rationing electricity, water, and gas, despite adequate supplies. Well, it’s happening in cities across the United States.

Local boards decide how much energy, water, and other natural resources you use. Your local board increases prices to achieve sustainability. They impose taxes to discourage you from taking trips.

This scenario is the result of Agenda 21 / 2030. Agenda 21 refers to a conservation plan for the 21st century. Agenda 2030 is an update of Agenda 21 for the year 2030. In this series, you will learn what Sustainable Development and Agenda 21 / 2030 are, how they affect you, and what you can do.

What you are about to read sounds too unbelievable to be true. But it is true. I encourage you to verify what you read and learn more about Agenda 21 / 2030.

What Is Sustainable Development?

Firstly, the terms Sustainable Development and Smart Growth are common. But what do they mean?

The UN report, Our Common Future, defined sustainable development;

Development that meets the present’s needs without compromising future generations’ ability to meet their own needs.

Sounds very benign until you investigate further.

Gro Harlem Brundtland wrote the report. She was Vice President of the Socialist International. This program is Agenda 21 / 2030. President George H. W. Bush agreed to put this plan into action in 1992. In 1993, President Bill Clinton set up the President’s Council on Sustainable Development. In 2011, President Barack Obama set up the White House Rural Council.

How Does This Affect Me?

Secondly, the book, Agenda 21: The Earth Summit Strategy to Save Our Planet (1993), outlined the implementation plan. Agenda 21 / 2030 will affect you in the following ways:

  • Ending your right to private property
  • Forbidding you from entering woodland and wetland areas
  • Punishing you with higher prices at the store
  • Your civil liberties restricted
  • Dictates how many children you can have
  • Restricting the amount of trash or waste you can generate
  • Restricting the amount of water you use
  • Instructing you how much to harvest on your farm or land
  • Forcing you to participate in community projects
  • Diminishing your individual rights in favor of community rights

What Is Communitarianism?

Thirdly, communitarianism is the supremacy of the community over individual rights. Civil liberties do not exist. Everything is for the greater good of the community. Your wants are second to the needs of the community. Likewise, the needs of your community are second to the needs of the global community.

Agenda 21 / 2030 is a campaign of “Sustainability Education.” This educational program prepares the way for the government to confiscate private property. The government then will redistribute it to the community. This ensures each person receives a basic or “sustainable” ration.


In this article, we learned what Agenda 21 / 2030 is. In part 2, we will learn how the United Nations plans to save the planet and what that means for you. Then we will learn where the United Nations will get the workforce to achieve its goals in part 3. Finally, we will discuss actions to take to oppose Agenda 21 /2030 in part 4.

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