Psychological Education | Dumbing Down America Part 4

psychological education

Psychological education is another communist tactic in Dumbing Down America. It replaced academic achievement in modern education. In 1984, Phyllis Schlafly revealed a new educational theory in public school.  “Education as therapy” plays psychological games on students. Instead of teaching knowledge, this model changes students’ emotions and attitudes. Students answer surveys on personal issues. Teachers then ask them to make decisions about adult subjects, like suicide and murder, marriage and divorce, and abortion and adoption. The intent is to change students’ values through psychological conditioning.

Psychological Education

Philosophy and psychology influenced modern education. Herbert Marcuse wanted to remove all inhibitions so young people could indulge their personal whims. This gave rise to the counterculture of the 1960s.

Psychiatrist Brock Chisholm proposed another shocking idea. To liberate individuals from psychological pain, we must eliminate any idea of right and wrong.

Philosophy and psychology undermined traditional values. This void left society without a moral compass.

Moral Relativism

Americans who attended schools in the late 1970s may remember an imagined scenario many teachers brought up in class, which went like this: As a ship sinks, the captain, several children, a pregnant woman, and a gay man get in a lifeboat. The lifeboat is overloaded, and one person must be let go. The teachers would ask the students to discuss and decide who must get off the lifeboat, giving up their lives. The teacher would not comment on or judge the students’ comments. Carl Rogers called this type of psychological education values-clarification. Values-clarification classes used this scenario often.

William Kilpatrick

William Kilpatrick (author of the 1993 book Why Johnny Can’t Tell Right From Wrong: And What We Can Do About It) said this “turned classroom discussions into ‘bull sessions’ where opinions go back and forth, but conclusions are never reached.”

Teachers become talk show hosts. The common topics were wife swapping, cannibalism, and teaching masturbation in sex education classes. Students learn to question and reject traditional values. It taught students that morality is subjective. It created “a generation of moral illiterates: student who know their own feelings but don’t know their culture.”

Thomas Sowell

Thomas Sowell noticed that psychological education uses the same communist techniques to brainwash people:

  • Emotional stress, shock, or de-sensitization, to break down both intellectual and emotional resistance
  • Isolation, whether physical or emotional, from familiar sources of emotional support in resistance
  • Cross-examining pre-existing values, often by manipulating peer pressure
  • Stripping the individual of normal defenses, such as reserve, dignity, a sense of privacy, or the ability to decline to participate
  • Rewarding acceptance of the new attitudes, values, and beliefs—a reward which can be simply released from the pressures inflicted on those who resist, or may take other symbolic or tangible forms [33]

The classes encourage students to rebel against traditional moral values taught by their parents. The teacher does not teach the difference between right and wrong but instead searches for what feels suitable for an individual. Sowell summarized: “This is ‘values clarification.’ It focuses on the feelings of the individual, rather than the requirements of a functioning society.”

Psychological Education: Death and Drug-Prevention Education

Death Education

In September 1990, the US television channel ABC aired a program that concerned many viewers. A school takes students to a morgue as a part of its “death education,” and students view and touch corpses. [35]

Death education classes ask students to draw their own tombstones, select their own coffins, arrange their own funerals, and write their own obituaries.

Students answer the following questions:

“How will you die?”

“When will you die?”

“Have you ever known anyone who died violently?”

“When was the last time you mourned? Was it expressed in tears or silent pain? Did you mourn alone or with someone else?”

“Do you believe in an after-life?” [36]

Obviously, these questions have nothing to do with studying. They probe the students’ outlook on life, their religious beliefs, and their personalities. Some of the questions elicit particular reactions and can harm teens.

Death education is supposed to help students establish the right attitude in the face of death. However, some students who attended these classes committed suicide. ABC interviewed one student at Columbine High School. She said her suicide plans were directly related to the death education she received there. She said the classes made death seem glamorous, “very exciting, [and] very appealing.” [37] Parents suspect that these classes lead immature students to suicide. They believe that death education is just another term for psychological education.

Drug-prevention Education

Drug-prevention education is also very popular in schools. However, Dr. Richard Blum published a study on the drug-prevention course called “Decide.” Decide is another psychological education program. Students who took the course used drugs more extensively than a control group that did not take the course.

Stephen Jurs conducted another study of smoking and substance abuse of students who took the self-esteem course called “Quest.” The objective of the course is to help students make wise and healthy decisions. Unfortunately, the results showed the opposite—smoking and drug abuse increased among students who took the course.

Neither death education nor drug-prevention education produced the expected outcome. The result of these programs was detrimental to students.

Children are curious. New ideas stimulate their curiosity. These programs desensitize students, making them view moral decadence as normal. The entire exercise is a design to bring about moral decline.

Pornographic Sex Education

Another psychological education program is sex education. Traditionally, sex is a taboo topic in public. Tradition teaches that sexual conduct takes place only within marriage. All other forms of sexual behavior are promiscuous and sinful. This makes sex and marriage inseparable. In traditional culture, youth receive education in physiology. There is no need for sex education.

Hungarian Marxist György Lukács introduced sex education. He wanted to completely overturn traditional Western values. So in 1919, Lukács taught students free love and marriage was outdated.

Kinsey Reports

In the United States, Alfred Kinsey published his best-selling Kinsey Reports.  He used pedophiles to conduct sexual experiments on infants and children. He believed that children are “sexual beings” from birth. They must be explicitly taught sexual activity. [39]

The sexual revolution of the 1960s also eroded eradicated traditional values. Rates of sexually transmitted diseases and teen pregnancy rose quickly. Those who wanted to solve such social problems promoted sex education. But in the education system sex education taught intercourse without any reference to marriage. Instead, it emphasized safety (preventing disease and pregnancy).

Sex education destroyed youth. Sex education exposed students to extramarital affairs and homosexuality. This resulted in destroying family values, individual responsibility, love, purity, honor, and self-control.

Dewey’s “learning by doing” progressive education was a convenient tool for Marxists.

Center for Disease Control and Planned Parenthood

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) promoted the sex-education program Focus on Kids. The teaching plan recommended that teachers have students compete in a “condom race” to see who could put on a condom and discard it the fastest. [40] Another educational program promoted by the CDC and Planned Parenthood is Be Proud! Be Responsible! The program requires students to pretend being two female students having safer sex together. This does not seem to be education. It is child pornography.

Planned Parenthood is the biggest sex education provider in the United States. It also promotes abortion rights. Margaret Sanger started the organization in 1921 as the American Birth Control League. Sanger was a progressive socialist who traveled to Stalin’s Russia, solidifying her eugenics belief. “We should breed out the feebleminded families who have done and still are doing much social and racial damage,” she said. Sanger also recommended that her sixteen-year-old granddaughter engage in intercourse often.

Sex Education without Morals

The sex education textbook It’s Perfectly Normal uses one hundred illustrations to depict various sex acts. Sex acts depicted are sexual positions, masturbation, homosexuality, birth control and abortion. The author said that children have the right to all such information. The book’s central theme is that various sexual behaviors are all “perfectly normal.”

One high school sex education textbook stated that some religions believe that sex outside of marriage is sinful. The author said, “You will have to decide for yourself how important these messages are for you.” To summarize, this textbook teaches that all values are relative, and that right and wrong are for children to decide for themselves.

Communism is achieving its goal of destroying traditional values through psychological education. Pornography floods the media. Public schools follow “value neutral” doctrine. They no longer teach right from wrong based on traditional moral principles. Yet, the public is surprised when these same children commit suicide or mass murder.

Self-Esteem and Egocentrism

The cult of self-esteem further eroded educational standards. Maureen Stout researched this phenomenon. She found that students cared more about their grades than what they learned. They measured success by how little effort they had to make. To satisfy their sense of self-esteem, students demanded better grades with less effort. As a result, teachers reduced assignments and exam difficulty.

Stout concluded that teacher believe school should be like a womb. That is, focus on students’ feelings rather than academic achievement.

The cult of self-esteem confuses cause and effect. Self-esteem is the outcome of effort, not a precondition for success. In other words, feeling good does not lead to winning, but one feels good after success.

This misconception of self-esteem is the result of the psychotherapeutic theory of education. This theory indoctrinated many young people with a sense of entitlement and victimhood. Stout delineates the common mindset as “I want to do what I want, how I want, and when I want, and nothing and no one will stop me.” [47]

Psychological education exaggerates freedom in the sake of self-esteem. This produced generations of amoral youth who never assume responsibility. They only care about their feelings, not other people’s feelings. They pursue enjoyment while trying to avoid effort, sacrifice, and suffering. This has wreaked havoc on the morality of American society.


Psychological education replaced academic achievement for communist indoctrination. Firstly, they destroyed the nuclear family by replacing family values with moral relativism. Secondly, modern education replaced youthful hope with a culture of death and despair. Thirdly, the educational system stripped youth of personal dignity and made them participants in child pornography. Finally, they reduced human potential to a generation of ne’er-do-wells.

Americans abdicated their responsibility to the professionals. As a result, we doomed several generations. It is time Americans took back our schools and returned academic achievement and personal responsibility to our society.

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