Moral Character | Dumbing Down America Part 3

moral character


The decline of the moral character of American students is clear.

In 1999, two Columbine High School students murdered twelve students and one teacher. They injured at least twenty more in a carefully planned massacre. The tragedy shocked the nation. People wondered why two students would carry out such a cold-blooded attack, murdering their classmates and a teacher they’d known for years.

School problems before the 1960s were minor. Common school problems were tardiness, talking in class, or chewing gum. Behavioral problems after the 1980s, however, got worse. Students abused alcohol and drugs. Teens engaged in premarital sex, and female students got pregnant. Gang activity, school shootings, and teen suicide were also regular. Few educators understood the roots of these problems, much less what to do about it.

This article will explore how moral character declined in America.

Moral Character: Atheism and Evolution

Firstly, Fred Schwarz noted that American schools teach three tenets of communism. They are atheism, evolution, and economic class war.

Society needs standards of right and wrong. Religion teaches moral standards. Communism, however, destroyed morality in America. Communism subverted public education and introduced atheism and evolution. One expects this in communist countries like China and North Korea. However, this happened in the United States.

Using separation of church and state, leftists undermined American moral character. Courts stopped Bible study in public schools. In 1981, an appeals court ruled that students have freedom of speech unless the speech is a prayer. The court ruled prayer is unconstitutional in public schools.

In 1987, Alaskan students could not use the word “Christmas.” Also, they could not exchange Christmas cards or presents on school property. A federal court allowed a homosexual newspaper on a high school campus. However, religious newspapers are not. In 1993, a music teacher could not teach Christmas carols.

Textbooks suffered factually because of atheist revisions. In 1997, Diane Ravitch noticed all references to white males as heroes and Christianity removed.

On the one hand, the education system removed God from schools under the pretext of upholding church and state separation. On the other hand, evolution became a self-evident truth.

Religious parents teach their kids to respect others. Still, children indoctrinated with the theory of evolution challenge their parents’ religious beliefs. As a result, they will no longer believe their parents’ moral standards. Education divides children from their parents.

Moral Character: Communist Ideology

Secondly, political correctness is the thought police of communism. It replaced moral character but left society without any sense of right or wrong.

Merrill Root examined history textbooks in Illinois. Between 1950 and 1952, American history was a power struggle between rich and poor. This is the essence of Marxism. (Brainwashing in the High Schools: An Examination of Eleven American History Textbooks, published in 1958.)

A Minnesota school district adopted a new program called All for All in 2013. The program blamed poor academic performance on systemic racial or income discrimination. The program advanced racial and income equality. Only teachers who believed in the program could be employed.

Tenth-grade English classes focused on colonization and immigration. The eleventh-grade textbook explained its objective: “By the end of the year, you will have … learned how to apply Marxist [sic], feminist, post-colonial [and] psychoanalytical … lenses to literature.”

California approved a new social science framework in 2016. The focus was on the rights movements of minority races, women, and homosexual Americans. The history courses were clearly supportive of “sexual liberation.” For example, the textbooks suggested that people’s fear of AIDS weakened civil rights and sexual liberation movements.

Sexual content squeezed out other content more worthy of attention for young people. For example, in World War I, students learned that American soldiers found European sexual customs satisfying. The apparent goal of these textbooks was to guide students to hate their own country.


Many factors contributed to the decline of moral character in America. However, replacing moral standards with an atheist philosophy resulted in no absolutes, such as right and wrong. Everything became relative and subjective. Allowing this to replace religion in schools was a terrible mistake with deadly results. Similarly, enabling Marxist indoctrination of our youth divided our country into class struggles of civil unrest and violence in America today.

Without an absolute moral compass, it is no wonder that crime and violence in America are rampant. Suppose Americans wish to preserve a free country for their children and grandchildren. In that case, we must take back control of our education system.

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