Communism Infiltrated the Church

communism infiltrated the Church

Communism infiltrated the Church. It is attacking religious belief in noncommunist countries. They do this through the Chinese Party Student Unions on college campuses. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) send money and spies to infiltrate religious institutions. They attack moral beliefs and introduce communist ideologies. Today, believers continue to worship in religions irrevocably changed by communist ideology.

Communism Infiltrated the Church

Firstly, communism infiltrated the Church in America. They entered seminaries and became professors. Then they corrupted priests and pastors, who corrupt their members.

Manning Johnson testified before the Committee on Un-American Activities in July 1953.

The Kremlin set the tactic of infiltrating religious organizations. Communists discovered that infiltrating agents in the church could destroy the Church much faster. They diverted attention from matters of the soul to those matters of the Communist program.

Communism infiltrated the World Council of Churches (WCC). Established in 1948, the WCC is a worldwide interchurch Christian organization. Its members are 590 million people from 150 countries. Thus, the WCC is a significant force in world religious circles.

Likewise, the KGB released a file in 1969. It named five KGB agents who held seats on the WCC Central Committee. These agents exerted tremendous influence on the WCC’s policies and operations. Additionally, the KGB released another file in 1989. The file shows that these agents ensured that the WCC issue communications aligned with socialist aims. (Christopher Andrew, “KGB Foreign Intelligence from Brezhnev to the Coup,” in Wesley K. Wark, ed., Espionage: Past, Present, Future? (London: Routledge, 1994), 52.)

Communism Infiltrated the Church in America

Secondly, communist infiltration is omnipresent America. As a result, communist ideology denounces traditional Christian  teaching. Communists invoke “separation of church and state” to silence the Church.

The foundation of the United States is one nation under God. Every US president invokes God to bless America. Nowadays, however, communists attack religious people when they speak out against abortion or homosexuality. They invoke “separation of church and state” to keep Christians out of politics. They restrict traditional morality to the four walls of churches. Christians can only talk about God in church. They can’t criticize attempts to undermine traditional morality. Christianity lost its influence undergirding the morality of society. As a result, morality in the United States is collapsing.

Also, political correctness suppresses Christians’ free speech. They are hesitant to say Merry Christmas. Some claim that it hurts the feelings of non-Christians. Similarly, when Christians pray, they claim it is discriminatory. However, the Constitution guarantees the right of people to express their faith in public. This has nothing to do with discrimination.

Communism’s Twisted Theology

Thirdly, Marxist ideology sowed chaos in the religious world. As a result, modern theology replaced traditional teachings. One popular version of this is liberation theology.

Peruvian priest Gustavo Gutiérrez promoted liberation theology. Liberation theology introduced class warfare into religion. The Exodus from Egypt is the foundation of this theology. It teaches that Christianity should liberate the poor by violent revolution.

The Catholic Church denounced liberation theology for years. However, the pope invited Gutiérrez to the Vatican on May 12, 2015. This showed that the Catholic Church now supports liberation theology.

Similarly, other emerging theologies appeared. Examples of these corrupt theologies are “black liberation theology,” “feminist theology,” “liberal theology,” “queer theology,” and the “Death of God theology.” Similarly, these distorted theologies corrupt traditional Christian theology.


In conclusion, The Naked Communist listed forty-five goals to destroy the United States. Unfortunately, the communists already achieved many of their goals. Goal 27 states: “Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with ‘social’ religion. Discredit the Bible.”  (W. Cleon Skousen, The Naked Communist (Salt Lake City: Ensign Publishing Co., 1958).

Moreover, the foundation of Western culture was Christianity for hundreds of years. Yet, communism is corrupting this sacred institution.  Christianity lost its influence in modern society. Christian denominations are promoting communist ideologies.

As a result, people lost confidence in the Church. They no longer believe in absolute morals. With doctrine altered, the clergy indulge in despicable practices. This erodes the church’s integrity further. Many churches are nothing more than a commercial enterprise. Unfortunately, the Social Gospel (salvation by works) replaced the Gospel of salvation by faith.

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