China Offers $70 Bounty on Underground Churches

Chinese Christian Persecution

Chinese government officials are offering $70 bounty to citizens who report underground churches. Citizen reports must include photos, videos, audio recordings of illegal religious activities.

Official China Churches

Chinese Christians may worship only in Three-Self Patriotic churches or the Chinese Patriotic Catholic churches. The Chinese government controls sermon content in both churches. As a result, million of Christians worship at underground churches.

Illegal China Churches

Underground churches meet in homes or rented buildings. One landlord stopped renting to one underground church. The landlord did not want to suffer the consequences if the government discovered the church.

China Church Snitches

The Chinese government exerts strict control on Three-Self churches. They met with 20 clergy from Three-Self churches in June. The told the clergy that their members must report illegal underground churches.

One Three-Self pastor reported:

“The government asks us to donate to it, disregarding that our church was closed for months. Officials told us that since we don’t have money to give to the government, we should encourage believers to spy on unregistered venues and collect rewards for this. We would get enough money after several such reports, they said. We do know who attends house churches, but we won’t do things against our conscience. Everyone must have the right to practice their faith.”

No Outrage from the Left

Where are the protesters to this human rights abuse?

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