Antifa’s Goal: Destroy America

Antifa's Goal Destroy America

Andy Ngo, author of “Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy,” said Antifa isn’t going to fade away because President Donald Trump left office.

According to his research, Ngo said that Antifa capitalized on Trump’s election. Their claim is that Trump and everything he represents is fascist, and they oppose fascism.

But “that was just a pretext to carry out homicides and attacks,” Ngo said. “Now they’re just opposing America.” Antifa claims that America is a white supremacist and racist system.

Ngo said the perception of Antifa fading away with an announcement of a Biden election victory is incorrect.

Antifa “rioted in Portland on the fourth of November, the day after the election, as well as dozen of riots since,” he said. “On the day of Biden’s inauguration, Antifa destroyed the Oregon Democratic Party’s headquarters, as well as orchestrated riots in Seattle.”

Ngo stated that the Democratic party is not associated with Antifa. Instead, they had a common enemy in President Trump.

Antifa are Anarchists and Communists

“Antifa existed on the fringes of the far left since the ’80s,” Ngo said. However, Democrats helped Antifa capture the attention of the mainstream left.

“Both used irresponsible language and talking points about how the Trump administration was American fascism.”

Ngo said the idea of opposing white supremacy and neo-Nazis gave Antifa a popular platform.

“What I was witnessed in my home city of Portland was that they carried out indiscriminate acts of violence against people. And they kept continuing to escalate.

Antifa members prepare to clash with Patriot Prayer protesters during a rally in Portland, Ore., on Aug. 4, 2018. (John Rudoff/AP Photo)

“Antifa exploited the death of George Floyd to carry out acts of carnage in dozens of American cities. They literally burned neighborhoods to the ground, destroyed numerous lives, destroyed livelihoods,” Ngo said.

The mainstream media hasn’t done a good job at explaining what Antifa is. As a result, many sympathized with the group because they appeared to be “anti-fascist protesters opposing racists and the far-right and white supremacists.”

“It sounds very noble, and it makes people want to get on board with that,” Ngo said. “But then, you dive into the ideology of Antifa. And you look at the literature. You look at the thinkers that they look up to, the texts that form the basis of their ideology. You see very clearly that these are anarchists, communists.”

Ngo said their “students” go through extensive ideological indoctrination, lasting months at a time. In their curriculum, they’re taught how to make homemade weapons and how to use guns.

“When they talk about wanting to burn down the system, they literally mean burn it down. They want to destroy the United States and its founding ideals. For example, they view property rights, freedom of expression, and other liberties as the actors for fascism.”

White-Collar Professionals and the Vulnerable

Ngo said that from arrest records in Portland, people who joined Antifa belonged mostly to two groups: white-collar professionals and the homeless.

Antifa then gave these individuals “riot gear and told to participate in the violence.”

“These are the ones who are the first victims. They get arrested and injured,” Ngo said. But the people pulling the strings are in the background.”

Antifa has a broad appeal among the educated. Antifa’s “ideological framework is based on historical thinkers, anarchists, and communists thinkers. And so it appeals to those who are educated.”

“So we shouldn’t be surprised that some of the people charged with Antifa violence are academics.”

via Epoch Times

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