In a letter to James Madison, Thomas Jefferson quoted a Latin adage that is translated, “I prefer dangerous liberty over peaceful slavery.”

This site is dedicated to the courage of our Founding Fathers who decided to throw off a peaceful slavery for the freedom of self-determination. They decided to be free rather than be enslaved to the whims of a monarchy. He also reminded Madison that liberty must be nurtured and vigorously defended, lest anarchy or totalitarian dictators overthrow our liberties with the promise peace and security.

In our modern American experience, we have been blessed with prosperity and peace for so long that we have forgotten that liberty is very fragile. While we slept in ease, lethargy, and apathy, radical Marxists have been chipping away our freedoms, one piece at a time.

The purpose of this website is awaken the moral majority of this country to the erosion of our freedoms. We have traded the freedom to worship as our conscience dictates for the promise of health. We have traded our civil liberty to peacefully assemble to avoid confrontation with those who disagree with us. This list can go on and on.

Our purpose is neither to depress nor to inflame rebellion. Instead, our purpose is to educate American Christians and religious people of all faiths to the impending threat of religious persecution and Marxism, and to encourage engagement in the political process and reclaim our nation.

If you are prone to be offended by conservative viewpoints, this website will infuriate you.

This website is owned by Dr. Alan Holden.

I was born and reared in Walhalla, SC in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. My family operated a family farm and convenience store. I began working at age 6, pumping gas and feeding livestock. During Jr High School, I worked in a saw mill after school. Throughout high school and college, I worked the second shift in a cotton mill as a relief weaver.

Suffering from an undiagnosed learning disability, my early academic career was lackluster. Tenacity was the only way I succeeded as a student. 

As a ministerial student, I was given special permission to enter Furman University in Greenville SC on academic probation. During my second year, I flourished and overcame my learning disability. After graduating Furman, I received admission to Princeton Theological Seminary, but decided to attend the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary where I earned a Master of Divinity degree.

I began my ministerial career as a pastor of an inner-city church in Rochester, NY. I served churches in NY, SC, GA, and FL for the past 35 years. During my professional career, I attained the Doctor of Ministry degree in counseling, a PhD in education, and a ThD in theology. I was also the founder and as president of a Bible college.

He and my wife, Cathy, moved to Lake County, Florida in 1998. I served two churches as pastor in Lake County, FL and am currently a bivocational pastor of Lake Saunders Baptist Church in Tavares. For five years I worked as a social worker/chaplain for Cornerstone Hospice (formerly Hospice of Lake and Sumter).  

I served as CEO/President of United Way of Lake and Sumter Counties for five years. Under my leadership, I streamlined operations, reduced administrative costs, launched two new internal programs, and increased revenues by 10.3% each year. I led the organization to increase its rating from a 2-star to a 4-star organization, the highest rating awarded by Charity Navigator. After my first year, Guidestar awarded the organization the Platinum Seal of Transparency. United Way Worldwide also recognized my leadership and awarded me a position in the Executive Leadership Development Program, allowing me to study at Harvard Business School, Deloitte University, and the Creative Center for Leadership.